Jul 15, 2015

Current movies - Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon can be seen in the comedy "Hot Pursuit".

More pictures of Reese can be seen HERE


  1. Thanks a lot for reese. anybody know what heels are those shes wearing?

  2. Reese is the word
    She's got a groove, She's got a meaning
    Reese is the time, is the place, is the motion
    Reese is the way we are feeling


  3. It's official, I hate this woman, now she's f-ugly, what's matter with you? don't you have any toe cleavage pics from any celebrity?...

    1. Please tell me where to send your refund.

  4. Anonymous, you do realise that Number 2 is posting Reese mainly because you are getting so upset about it, right? You just earned yourself another week of Reese.
    Let the man run his blog, if you see a woman you don't like there's always tomorrow. Besides, I rarely look at faces on this website ;-)

  5. She is the queen of jeans and heels I love that look. keep those pics coming