Oct 31, 2013

Brits month - Kelly Brook (part 2)

Kelly and I hope you enjoyed Brits month.

To add a little more Kelly to your life click HERE


  1. WOW! Those are all some kick-*ss heels, prefect amount of exposed toe cleavage and some oh so sexy arch! Anyone else notice she's wearing the proper size? No big ugly gap at back and looking like a little girl playing dress up with mommy heels...

    I think Ms. Brook should give lessons... Proper shoe size and style 101.

    Glad you redeemed yourself after last week number2....lol.....j/k.


  2. I enjoyed the british posts and a Nice closer this looks to me like a wel thought out month, not just random british girls.
    Your an architect no. 2 ^_^


  3. Happy Halloween Mr. 2


  4. I can't wait for the closeups tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for making my mornings!!!!

  5. Hi again 2,

    I've been having some trouble lately with the downloads and I'm not sure why.

    First I click your red link and then I change the language on the bottom to English and then I hit the blue download button and wait for the countdown.
    Lately, even when I get the captcha right, everything turns red and I can't do anything about it.
    I've been selecting just the regular download link when prompted but should I download their downloader?? I had initially taken it off my computer because it contained some malicious code and I'm not sure how to get your stuff working again.
    Any ideas??


    1. Not sure what the problem is. I just tried it and it downloaded fine for me.

      Here's the steps I used:
      Click on the red link on the blog (sends you to uploaded.net)
      Click on the grey "Free Download" box
      Wait 30 seconds
      Type in the captcha word and number
      Click Download

      I don't know anything about changing to English - it comes up in English when I go to it.

      I would suggest NOT downloading their downloader - I never use it.
      Have you registered for a free account? That might help (and it increases your download speeds a little bit).

      If you're still having problems I'd suggest trying using uploaded.net's support - http://uploaded.net/help


    3. Google chrome was the answer for me in the end. Ecplorer wasn't working.

    4. I use Firefox or Chrome and try to stay away from IE at all costs - it sucks.