Nov 3, 2013

Requests (part 2)

Thanks for all the requests! Here's my response to some of them.

Black patent pumps - Been done many times, most recently the weeks of 5/20/13 & 6/13/13. I'm sure more will come.
Pointed toe flats - Not really my thing and not something celebs wear a lot but I'll keep my eye out (for now the Twitter posts usually have some flats)
Band-aids - Tough to do a whole week but I can note when I find some
Slingbacks - Coming soon (although pics are few and far between)
Seated and legs crossed - Like to do this one but most celebs are photographed on the red carpets standing only. I'd also like to do a week of celebs getting in and out of cars.
Arch cleavage - Doubt I'll do a week of arch cleavage as most of the time a good enough pair of heels will show off the arches as well
Classic Week (only spiky heels, pointed toed pumps, some with nylons) - Aren't most of the pics I do spiky with pointed toes?
Extreme heels (i.e. more than 5 inch without platform) - Doubt I can find these except on fetish sites (Pigalles are 4.7 inches)
Neon colors heels - Did this this the week of 8/6/12, I'm sure I'll be doing it again
Anklets - Great idea! but tough to find (why don't women where anklets more often?)
Silvers/bronzes/shiny - Last did a week of silvers back on 3/21/11 and a week of sparkly shoes on 6/18/12 - probably due again
Peep toe heels - Way back when I started this blog my first poll was on whether or not to have peep toes. The results were inconclusive (about even on those that wanted 'em, those that didn't and those that didn't care). I considered it but found enough non-peep toe TC that I decided against it. Maybe I'll do a week someday.
Pointed toe high heels with straps across the top of the foot - Don't know if I can find these, probably not a week's worth for sure
Brooke Shields - I'll keep an eye out
Summer Glau - I wish! Been loking for a while now and I'd love to do a women of Whedon week
More Gemma - I'm kinda sick of Gemma, I think I'll stop posting her.
                          (Just kidding, You know I effin' love Gemma! She'll be posted here every time!)
More Minka I gave you a whole week already!
More Rachel McAdams - I know... hard to believe she hasn't been here in over a year and a half...
More Stana Katic!!! - I think I can do that.
Louboutin Un Bout pumps - Sexy shoes but show a little more of the toes than I think should be on the blog. Might do them some time.
Wide feet - Not sure how I'd judge the width of their feet
40+ week - Done several times, most recently two weeks starting 12/12/12 _ I'm sure I'll do it again
Barely 18 week - Did it the week of 9/6/11 and a week of "Ladies of the 90s" 4/15/13, more coming absolutely
Veins on feet week - Great idea, and one I've thought of doing for a while
Women of Rock/Metal - Have no idea where to find pics of these women - tell me where!

Remember I'm always taking requests (doesn't have to be in the request post) and thanks again!


  1. I think an excellent source of pics for seated and legs crossed are fashion shows, I always spot super legs in heels sitting in the front row of fashion shows

  2. Hi there, all I can say is that you are doing a very good job with your blog. I visit it daily and it is on my top ten list of favorite sites. You are posting pictures that are very up to my taste. Bare feet in closed toe high heel pumps. It can not get any better. I am very thankful for you hanging on to your blog. Keep up the good work!

  3. My suggestion would be to do week of dangling with toe cleavage! Not sure if there are enough example out there, but it would be amazing!

  4. Great idea, Prince!

  5. Number2: This was my request... "Classic Week (only spiky heels, pointed toed pumps, some with nylons) - Aren't most of the pics I do spiky with pointed toes?"

    All I can say is you asked. Allot of photos are not with the ladies wear nylons... Bare feet are hot, but surely some wear nylons in winter months.

    Anyhow as Jack said above... It's a super site and I almost always visit daily for a "fix" of tc and arch... If I miss a day I always catch Thank you thank you thank you!!


  6. Please, no peep toes!!! Keep the integrity of what toe cleavage pumps are all about... the toes without the toenails.