Jul 16, 2012

Blondes - Paris Hilton

I feel like looking at some blondes this week. You guys with me?

Socialite Paris Hilton seems to be out of the news lately.
Maybe her first ever appearance on the Toe Cleavage Blog will get her some much needed publicity.


  1. Number2 - I just love blondes, blondes with long tanned legs, towering heels, toe cleavage and showing some arch. But Paris doesn't do it for me. You've got four days left I'm giddy in anticipation.

    Mr. Heel TC fetich

  2. I'm generally a big fan of Paris, she has a nice figure, long toes and slim feet that look great in TC heels. Not too keen on the platforms in these pics bit would love to see some other Paris pics. As ever, thanks for the posts Number2!

  3. Can you notice the difference of color on her right thigh? this isnt a real tan

  4. I can't stand her feet, however, because are toes are so long, there'll be a lot of toe cleavage on this girl, and well. She's pretty sexy until you get to her feet, and toe cleavage is about as good as it'll get

  5. I think Paris looks fantastic