Jul 11, 2012

More nouns - Lea

lea - a tract of open ground, especially grassland; meadow.

Lea Michelle just wrapped up her third season as Rachel on "Glee" and has an impressive Broadway background.


  1. Some nice TC there with the tats as and added treat also. Number2 with you being the resident expert here can you explain why many wear heels that are obviously too large of a size for thier foot? Slightly loose might be OK, but these in this case are way too large.

    MR. Happy w/a TC fetish

  2. My theory on the "too large" shoes is that they're not really too large. Since the shoes generally have a four inch or higher heel the foot is pushed forward when the woman walks and stands in them, making it look like there's a lot of space in the back of the shoe. If the same woman was seated or reclined, you probably wouldn't notice any kind of gap in the back. I think this shows especially in the shoes with the most toe cleavage (like the Louboutin Pigalle). Just my two cents on it - anyone else wants to chime in?

    1. right on number 2......

  3. Number2, thanks it all makes perfect sense after you explain it. Wife wears heels often just not that high, mainly 1.75 - 2.50" range stemming from some back problems, so I'm not able to experience what you describe first-hand or in my local area. On the up side I however showed my wife your site and my fav photos, she was tickled on my TC interest and is doing her part to create some homegrown TC. We like to now look together at times

  4. this girl always wears huge shoes, size 10 or so.