Sep 23, 2013

More TV ladies - Kelly Macdonald

The Emmys were last night so let's look at a few more ladies gracing the small screen -

Kelly Macdonald is still in the credits for this season's "Boardwalk Empire" although she hasn't shown up in the first two episodes...


  1. The banner girl is tough this week.

    The utter lack of definition in her instep hints at a slightly bigger girl which...if I'm right...narrows it down to a handful of people who would be here.

    The red accent on the show means this is either a brunette with a red dress on or a red head with a black dress on and she's way to pale to be that Kardashian person I can't stand.

    I'm gonna go with Christina Hendricks.



    1. Damn... you are tough to stump...

    2. Zero, you are amazing...