Sep 2, 2013

Short skirts - Katie Cassidy

I hope you guys like legs because this week we're going to look at some long legs in short skirts.
(I'm defining 'short' as mid-thigh or higher)

Katie Cassidy, daughter of David Cassidy (another hot rock star daughter), is big in the TV melodramas, having been on such shows as "Gossip Girl" and "Melrose Place" but now finds herself in the superhero genre as Laurel Lance on the CW Network's "Arrow".


  1. Very nice. I can already tell this will be a great week, I LOVE LEGS! Especially when the girls are wearing a nice pair of heels to show them off even better.

  2. topic is proper, But i forgot this one detail about this topic... (to)skinny legs;(

    but still 4 stars No. 2


  3. Doesn't get any better .......

  4. 2 man.

    If I was physically capable, I'd cry.

    A whole leg week!!!

    It's not even Christmas!!! \m/,

    And Sophia Bush is the perfect banner girl for leg week!!!


  5. Why do these beautiful young ladies feel the need to spoil the appearance their gorgeous feet with senseless tattoos? It detracts horribly from one of the sexiest parts of a woman's anatomy.